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Advantages of Upgrading to Windows 8.1

The advantages are as follows:

1. Fast Booting
As has been previously known that Windows 8 has advantages in terms of boot that is faster than previous versions of windows. In this version of Windows 8.1, which Microsoft tried to make the boot process becomes much faster than previous versions of Windows, even though Windows 8.

2.  Better Performance
One of the advantages of windows 8 is the disappearance of the Aero Themes systems are replaced by the Metro UI. Well, this 8.1 on windows microsoft have perfected the system previously diterpakan Metro UI on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 performance results are lighter and faster, more and better multitasking processes that keep us from the word "hang" or "not responding" on the PC / our laptop.

3.  More Elegant and Fresh Start Menu
In Windows 8 earlier, we have known icon shaped tile size can be changed "larger" or "smaller", on windows 8.1, we can replace it with 4 kinds of sizes, Large, Wide, Med…

Overcoming way USB Device Not Recognized

The steps are as follows :

Restart Computer             The earliest way that can be done , maybe it could memacahkan the problem.

Disconnect the power supply ( battery for laptops )            Maybe this way is not popular ( to say ' odd ' ) , but when reading the various responses to these issues on the Microsoft site , it uses this method successfully demonstrated. How to turn off the computer and then unplug the power supply ( electricity ) that is attached to the computer , and then wait for one or a few minutes and plug back the power cable .
For a laptop , disconnect the cable alone is not enough , but it also must remove the laptop battery and wait a few minutes and then plug it in again . If this step is successful , the possibility that problems in the computer motherboard chipset . By removing the power supply , then the motherboard will do inside the system re-initialization .

Use System Restore           If System Restore on the computer is on , we can restore the se…

How to Add a Shortcut on the Windows 8 Start Interface

The steps are as follows:
Go to the Start display by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard

 Right click on an empty area, and then click the All apps

Will perform all the installed programs list pd computer / laptop, then Right click on one of the program shortcut will be added to the display Start and then click Pin to Start

How to Register and Claim Token CQDJE4MG6H4Y Blog on Technorati

The steps are as follows: Go straight to the Sign Up page to TechnoratiFill in all fields with your identity . Use E - mail the original because you 'll need the account verification email was sent to . then click Join .After completion of the technorati will send an email message containing a verification link , open the e - mail and open the message from last technorati technorati page load given in the form of URL links.Once verified you login now .Open your Technorati Profile AccountContinue to scroll down the page and you will find the charging field site URL like this picture . Enter the URL of website / blog in a column that has been provided and then click the Claim button . After that you will be taken to the next page . Enter All data is needed and insert it into a column that has been provided . As the picture :Blog Title : Title of your BlogURL : Website URL BlogFeed URL : to Blogspot enter or you can use a feed url from f…

How To Merge Video Files That Are Not Completed In The Internet Download Manager (IDM)

The steps are as follows:
Open the downloaded video folder of unfinished idm. for instructions how to view the folder can be viewed at How to View Files Results Download IDM Failing / Not CompletedThen after the video folder visible, then we will combine them using the command prompt (cmd) . for example: file.mp4, file1.mp4, file2.mp4, etc. and for example no longer have the file extension such as files, file1, file2, etc. Open a command prompt and type copy / b file.mp4 +  file1.mp4 + file2.mp4 and then press enter       4. Good Luck

How to View Files Results Download IDM Failing / Not Completed

The steps are as follows:

Open My Computer

Then go to the C: drive and just follow the image below.  Good luck