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How to Install the Front Panel to Motherboard Cable

The steps are as follows:

Front panel generally consists of 4 Plug the cord, namely:
1. LED lights hard drive (HDD LED)
2. The Power LED (POWER LED)
3. Reset button (RESET SW)
4. Power Button (POWER SW)

For instructions on wiring the front panel, there's usually at Motehrboardnya Manual, because every motherboard definitely different. But, for now almost all mainbord use the same standard in peletekan Pin-pin.
Cables Front Panel consists of 10 pins. So the five pin under all the odd-numbered, from left to right numbered 1-3-5-7-9. While the pins on the top row of the even-numbered 2-4-6-8-10. Empty pin is Pin 10.

How to learn to type on a computer / laptop using 10 fingers

The steps are as follows:

A. The Left Hand Little finger pressing the letter A, Q, Z, Figures 1 and Shift keys, the Tab, Caps LockSweet finger pressing the letter W, S, X and Figures 2 Middle finger pressing the letter letters E, D, C and Figures 3 Finger finger pressing the letter R, F, T, V, G, B, Y and Figures 4, 5, 6 Thumb or thumb to press the Alt key and Space

How to Pause-Resume Download in Internet Download Manager (IDM)

The steps are as follows:

Open the file you want to resume on the internet download manager (idm). Example I want to resume the video.

Then click as shown below
 After that, download the video file again

How to Update Windows 7 Manually

The steps are as follows:
Click on the New icon in the lower right corner update. Or Click Start> Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Update

There is the Windows Update window, click one of the important updates are available or optional updates are available. Then look at the serial number of the device. For those who want automatic updates, just click Install Updates. But if there is an update that fails, then must manually.

After that go to the Download Center (Just click directly). Then enter the serial number in the search box and enter

How to Fix Windows 8 Without Re-Install

The steps are as follows:

Slide the mouse pointer to the top or bottom right of the desktop screen, Click Settings - Change PC Settings, Settings window appears Pc

Select General, then in its sub menu (right) slide to the bottom as shown below

Select the Refresh your PC without affecting your files to restore the windows to the initial settings without having to remove the existing file in windows (Documents, Pictures, Videos, and others). Select Remove everything and reinstall Windows to restore windows to factory settings and delete all existing files in the Documents, Pictures, Videos and more than file systems. Good luck

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