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How to Run Android Applications in Computer / Laptop

Most of us must have been familiar with the android operating system . OS used on the phone is very familiar among the community . On this occasion I will share how to keep existing applications on our mobile phones can also be run on a computer / laptop .
We will use the 4 applications that can help install and run on a computer / laptop :

1 . Android SDK

 Android SDK is the Android simulator that can be installed on Windows OS XP/VISTA/7/8 , so it can install a variety of android applications in the Android SDK , without having to have our android based mobile phone to run on Windows selanyaknya Android .
2 . Bluestacks

 Bluestack an application Emulator Multi Operating System ( OS ) that has the ability to operate like mobile phones like android . With this Android Emulator friend can easily install the software smartphone into a computer / laptop . Almost all android applications can be installed on a PC using the software support , including popular apps such as WhatsApp…

How to Fix Restart and Shutdown Problems in Windows 8

Sometimes we often encounter problems of windows that we use, ranging from mild and severe, such as restart and shutdown problems in windows. On this occasion I will give you a way to fix the problem I discuss in particular the windows about windows 8.
The steps are as follows: Log into the power settings by pressing Windows + Q and type in power and select settings then click on the left "Change what the power buttons do"

Computer Hardware Problems

As we know that every computer or laptop must have had different problems , ranging from software problems or hardware.Terkadang our own until dizzy created by the problem. Therefore here I will deal with the problem that occurred 5 and also the possibility that that might happen if we can take our laptop computer experiencing the problem.
Here are 5 types of problems and solutions that may be taken :

1 . The Computer / Laptop Dead .

When we attach the AC adapter to the computer / laptop , no lights are alive at all and when we press the power button , also no reaction occurred . computer / laptop seems totally dead , no sound and no indication of life .

Possibilities occur :

AC adapter and the battery runs completely failed . Test the AC adapter . If it dies , then you have to replace the adapter .DC jack apart from the motherboard ( or DC jack broken ) and the laptop does not derive power from the AC adapter . The jack must then be replaced .Laptop Motherboard damaged . If that happen…

How to Check Office 2013 Activation Status

Many of us who still do not know the fact that we use microsoft office is already activated whether permanently or just take only 30 days.  For me this was the article will help us all to know the status of activation microsoft office 2013 that we run on our laptop or computer.

The steps are as follows : Open the application Run Command Prompt with Administrator level. Or to be more quickly by using a key (Windows + R) and type "cmd"Next type in cmd "CD C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office15 \" then enter. Then type the command "cscript ospp.vbs / dstatus". Wait for the process, then you will see the activation and license status of your Office 2013.

Good luck......

How to Solve Error Generic Host For Win32 (svchost.exe)

If your computer / laptop has an error generic host for win32 then follow the steps as follows:

Open the registry editor by Start >> Run >> type "regedit" >> OkThen go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ NetBT \ Parameters and select TransportBindName are on the right and double click  After that clear the parameter in the Value data and click OKThen go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ OLE and select EnableDCOM are on the right and double click.