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How to Add Shortcut to Desktop Windows 8

When we want to look for an application such as microsoft word, the application turns out we do not put it on the desktop, so that we become difficult to search for the applications to the start menu again. For us I will share how to microsoft word application icon shortcut located on the desktop Windows 8.
The steps are as follows:

Find the application you want to move to the desktop Next right click on the application and select pin to taskbar
 Then the application icon will switch as shown below
Good luck....

How To Disable Autorun / AutoPlay In Windows 8

Sometimes when we insert the flash drive into the computer / laptop and want to open a flash disk suddenly he was immediately opened without any prior notice. It happened because the autorun / autoplay in Windows 8 we are enabled. For that on this occasion I will share how to disable autorun / autoplay such.
The steps are as follows:

 Go to settings by pressing Windows + W and then type "autoplay" (without the quotes)

How to Speed Up Wifi Connection for Windows 8

Sometimes we often complain with the Internet connection speed we use why it becomes slow. For that I will share tips that will probably be able to help improve your internet wifi connection.
The steps are as follows:

 Open CMD (Command Prompt) by pressing "Win + R" and type cmd.
Then after cmd screen appears, type "ipconfig / all" (without the quotes)
and press Enter

USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 8

When we want to retrieve the data contained in flashdik us, and after we plug it into the laptop turns on our laptop usb can not detect the presence of the flash so that we become a little confused. For that I will share with you how to cope with the usb is not detected in laptop in windows 8.
The steps are as follows:

Login to your control panel and select device manager. or by pressing Win + R and type devmgmt.msc then ok.

Furthermore, after an open device manager then click on scan for hardware changes
Then select the universal serial bus controllers and select USB root hub and right click and select properties

How to Protect a Folder From Being Deleted

We often lend computer / laptop to someone else and that person accidentally almost made ​​a folder on the drive we deleted. In anticipation of such an event, then we need to protect folders we have.

The steps are as follows:

Open Windows Explorer (Win + E) and select tools

 Then after the folder options appears, select view and give tick on the use simple file sharing (Recommended) and click Ok

Subsequently after that right click on the folder you select and click properties and select security and then select advance