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How To Use System Restore in Windows 8

Restore points are a useful feature to restore the operating system to its original state without reinstalling. Useful restore point when the computer crashes, for example, after you install an application or a particular driver, the system can not run normally. Or maybe you got a virus so the computer system failure. 
The steps are as follows:
Log in to your control panel and choose system Next click on system protection Then select create and fill in the dialog box the name you want and click create
Wait until the display appears as shown below. Then if you want to enable system restore then you just need to click the System Restore as shown below Good luck....

How To Fix High CPU Usage In Windows

Many have experienced the same problems as the rise and fall or instability cpu usage on a laptop / computer. This often happens on the laptop / computer we are lead to data processing, applications, etc to be blocked. For that I will share how to overcome the problem of cpu usage.
The steps are as follows:

Perform Scan Malware or SpywareMost likely the cause of the above problems because the act of malware or spyware that attack a computer without us knowing. Try doing your trust Antivirus Scanning uses to determine if your computer is free from viruses.
Reduce Startup Programs and Services are running. This is also the problem that caused the problem above, I've seen my laptop CPU usage using Task Manager and then I saw that there are some who eat Resource Service is quite large, therefore turn off some Services are not too important, How:
Open the Start MenuClick Run, then type "msconfig" without the quotes In the System Configuration tab select 'service' or &…

How to resolve Error "Raise without Handler" in Adobe Reader

If you encounter problems when you want to open your adobe reader that in this article the problem is one of the raise without handler error then the following remedies. This error often occurs in Adobe Reader 11.0.
The steps are as follows:

Open Windows Explorer (Win + R)Then go to the directory C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Reader 11.0 \ ReaderNext find the file "eula.exe" then double-clickThen he will bring up the option "Accept" and "Decline" and select "Accept"Done and now you try to re-open your adobe reader 11.0 and see the results. Good luck.....