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How to Close an Application Program With CMD (Command Prompt)

Often we run into a problem when we want to open or close an application installed on our computer. Not only that, sometimes when the application is already open suddenly the application encountered a problem and can not run, so that we become upset and angry. For it was on this occasion I will share some ways that applications that are experiencing the problem can be closed by using the CMD (Command Prompt)

CMD (Command Prompt) is the default Windows application that can write command lines to do something. With CMD (Command Prompt) we can explore files, change structure files, delete files, and others.

The steps are as follows:
1. Open the CMD (Command Prompt) by pressing Windows + Q to open the search box
on Windows 8 and type 'cmd' or press Windows + R to enter the display Run and type
'Cmd' and Ok.

How to View Computer Specifications

Specifications existing computer and owned by each person is different. With us know existing specifications on our computer, so we can maximize the performance of our computer be better again. In the specification computer which I will share consists of four section we can see from the system, the display of sound and inputs used in computers that we use. Examples of images that I share this is an example of specification on a laptop that I use with the Windows 8 operating system.
The steps are as follows:
1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard and then type 'run' in the search box and select Run.
2. Then run dialog box will appear (Win + R).

3. After you type 'dxdiag' and click Ok