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How to Fix SSL Error in Google Chrome

Maybe we never have problems SSL Error in the browser as it did on the computerwe use each. Sometimes we are not able to access the site you want us visit. Such errors are usually caused by several factors, such as certificates Web expiration of virus or malware attacks. Therefore on this occasion I will share how to overcome SSL Error that occurred on google chrome browser.

The steps are as follows:

1. Close the first google chrome is being opened
2. Right-click on the google chrome browser on the desktop

How to Change Your Computer Name in Windows 8

If we ask someone else to install the operating system on your computer, sometimes these people do not use our name as the identity on the computer ours. Most Of they use the name of the user charging. For it was on this occasion I will share how to change the computer name on which we have to use our own name will aim as the identity of the computer itself. If anyone of our friends want to borrow the computer then he will know that it really is a computer ours. For that I would try it on Windows 8 operating system. The steps are as follows:
1. Move the mouse cursor to the right and select the icon settings 2. Then you select PC info

How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password

Protecting Microsoft Word document using the password is intended that others can not open and duplicate the contents of the document was ours first document and very important for us. If your important documents easily opened by someone else, then can you make sure the document is very vulnerable to theft of your data. People who intend no good will easily open and copy the contents of the document the results of your work. Therefore, I will share how to keep documents you can stay safe is by way of protecting your documents by using a password. In this document I will try to protect it with a password is a document that I created by using Microsoft Word 2013.

The steps are as follows:
1. Open Microsoft Word 2013 and select New >> blank document ("if you want to create a document new ") or select Open (" if you want to open the document you have previously saved ").
In this case I chose a blank document.

Introduction Task Manager in Windows 8

Task Manager is a default application from the Windows operating system that is useful for variety of all the activities that exist in the Windows operating system such as open the program and close any programs that are running, look at the various services system files that are in use, monitor the performance of your computer, and others. For that I will review about the features of the task manager in Windows 8
The steps are as follows:
1. Open Task Manager by right-clicking on the desktop taskbar and select Task Manager or can by using the Run by pressing the Windows + R and type 'taskmgr.exe' and click Ok.
2. Once the task manager open click More details found on the bottom of the task manager. Why should clicked? because we want to see in detail the features that exist in the task the manager in Windows 8.
3. After you click More details will appear in detail the task manager comes with features that are inside.