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The Advantages of Windows 8

Microsoft's latest operating system is Microsoft's Windows 8 officially Released On October 26, 2012. The release of Windows 8, was warmly welcomed by the application developer (the developer.) For believing an impact both in terms of development and business.

Display Windows 8 More Dynamic.Such as tablets and smartphones, computers that use operating system Windows 8 also comes with a notification feature and also current information, the account on the Internet. Examples email inbox. In addition, users Windows 8 will automatically connect to the site of his data providers Windows, Skydrive.

Advantages of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the operating system Microsoft released to renew from previous versions of Windows Vista. Windows 7 launched on October 28, 2009 as the successor to Windows Vista, Features of Windows 7 was also similar to that of Windows Vista. However, Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista in terms of quality and support for hardware drivers. Some of the features possessed by Windows 7 are: Jump List, Taskbar which opens the program with a small display, Windows Media Player 12, Internet Explorer 8, and others.
Finding Files Quickly To find the file is not too difficult and time consuming. Do I just click on the start menu and type in the search box what will be searched. Once open, select what you want and quickly be realized.See all Window With Easy At a time when many windows open, sometimes we confused the name or contents. Windows 7 helps you see easily with just a peek of the taskbar. The trick with a floating-layankan cursor over the icons of open windows. Will be visible icon an…