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Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word

Keyboard shortcuts for accessing functions by using keyboard commands, so it can save time and speed up the work.

The following is a combined list of keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word
The combination of Ctrl  Ctrl + A : Block all textCtrl + B : Make text bold (bold)Ctrl + C : Copying textCtrl + D : Looking for type and text effectsCtrl + E : Creating text to the middle of the text (centered)Ctrl + F : Search for text in the scriptCtrl + G : Looking into the intended pageCtrl + H : Changing the wrong text thoroughlyCtrl + I : Make text becomes oblique (italic)Ctrl + J : Make the average full text (align justify)Ctrl + K : Creating a hyperlink, so that the files are relatedCtrl + L : Make text left alignment (align left)Ctrl + M : Creating advanced text 1.27 cm (left indented)Ctrl + N : Create a new worksheetCtrl + O : Open a new file (Ctrl + F12)Ctrl + P : Print the page / textCtrl + Q : Create a default paragraphCtrl + R : Make text flush right (align right)Ctrl + S : Save the scrip…

The Advantages of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest windows according to the news today and some say the windows of this one is the latest version of Windows.
Start MenuCreate your Windows 8 users must be very missed not with this one button? After a lot of feedback Windows 8, which Microsoft has now returned to realize the wishes of the user. Start menu in Windows 10 again present the combined system style windows 7 and 8 where the left there is a list of programs and the right side is a list of features and utilities.Fast Booting During use windows version of Windows XP, Windows version probably this one is the fastest. In fact, almost keeping pace with the boot if your OS installed on the SSD. With engine performance and sophistication of the Windows 10 startup process your PC will be faster.