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The usefulness of the Windows key

The usefulness of the windows button very much. One of them is as follows:

Windows + L : In this section are used to lock the display of your desktop so that no one else can use indiscriminateWindows + E : In this section is used to display a Windows Explorer so that it can be faster for you to open and search your filesWindows + D : In this section we used to go directly to the desktop.Windows + R + (psr.exe) : In this section we use to display the recorder in windows. Press Windows + R and type psr.exe, after that you can immediately start recording. Windows + R + (osk) : In this section are used to display the on-screen keyboard. Press Windows + R and type osk, then your screen will display a virtual keyboard Windows + ("+") or Windows + ("-") : In this section are used to zoom in or zoom out the display screen or any desktop environment that you are viewing the display on your Windows desktop. Press Windows + ("+") to zoom in or Windows + ("-"…