How to reinstall windows 10

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In this article I am going to share a tutorial How to reinstall Windows 10. In a previous article I also never share tutorial to reinstall windows 7 andwindows 8. The steps to reinstall Windows 10 are as follows:
Step 1: Create a bootable Windows 10, using either a USB flash drive or DVD.Step 2: Plug the USB stick into your computer or laptop.Step 3: Go to the settings in the BIOS by pressing F2 or F12 or Del and change the settings in the BIOS so that the boot order first into a usb flash devices and save and restart.Step 4: Once everything is correct it will show the message Press any key to boot from DVD or USB, press Enter to start the installation. Step 5: Then it will appear that displays the Windows Setup: Language to install, Time and Currency format, keyboard or input method, and select the appropriate image and click the Next button.
Step 6: Then you will be asked to enter aproduct key that amount to 25 characters and click the Next button. If you do not alread…

How to make a sticker in Adobe Illustrator

The steps are as follows:
Open adobe illustratorThen select the tools that you want to create for example you select the circleFurthermore, your own creations sticker you want to create.As an example of the sticker I made and please download Pibul (the crested penguins)

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The usefulness of the Windows key

The usefulness of the windows button very much. One of them is as follows:

Windows + L : In this section are used to lock the display of your desktop so that no one else can use indiscriminateWindows + E : In this section is used to display a Windows Explorer so that it can be faster for you to open and search your filesWindows + D : In this section we used to go directly to the desktop.Windows + R + (psr.exe) : In this section we use to display the recorder in windows. Press Windows + R and type psr.exe, after that you can immediately start recording. Windows + R + (osk) : In this section are used to display the on-screen keyboard. Press Windows + R and type osk, then your screen will display a virtual keyboard Windows + ("+") or Windows + ("-") : In this section are used to zoom in or zoom out the display screen or any desktop environment that you are viewing the display on your Windows desktop. Press Windows + ("+") to zoom in or Windows + ("-"…

How to Move the Cursor without using the Mouse

Sometimes we often fret if the mouse that we have suddenly can not be moved so that we become confused how to move the cursor without using the mouse in computer / laptop? For it was on this occasion I will give you tips so that we can utilize the keyboard as a driver of the cursor.

The steps are as follows:  Turn on MouseKeys by pressing Alt + Shift + Numlock.  Then select Settings to set the MouseKeys and put a check mark on the writings of Use MouseKeys Click ApplyNext you can use your keyboard for moving the cursor without using the mouse

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word

Keyboard shortcuts for accessing functions by using keyboard commands, so it can save time and speed up the work.

The following is a combined list of keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word
The combination of Ctrl  Ctrl + A : Block all textCtrl + B : Make text bold (bold)Ctrl + C : Copying textCtrl + D : Looking for type and text effectsCtrl + E : Creating text to the middle of the text (centered)Ctrl + F : Search for text in the scriptCtrl + G : Looking into the intended pageCtrl + H : Changing the wrong text thoroughlyCtrl + I : Make text becomes oblique (italic)Ctrl + J : Make the average full text (align justify)Ctrl + K : Creating a hyperlink, so that the files are relatedCtrl + L : Make text left alignment (align left)Ctrl + M : Creating advanced text 1.27 cm (left indented)Ctrl + N : Create a new worksheetCtrl + O : Open a new file (Ctrl + F12)Ctrl + P : Print the page / textCtrl + Q : Create a default paragraphCtrl + R : Make text flush right (align right)Ctrl + S : Save the scrip…

The Advantages of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest windows according to the news today and some say the windows of this one is the latest version of Windows.
Start MenuCreate your Windows 8 users must be very missed not with this one button? After a lot of feedback Windows 8, which Microsoft has now returned to realize the wishes of the user. Start menu in Windows 10 again present the combined system style windows 7 and 8 where the left there is a list of programs and the right side is a list of features and utilities.Fast Booting During use windows version of Windows XP, Windows version probably this one is the fastest. In fact, almost keeping pace with the boot if your OS installed on the SSD. With engine performance and sophistication of the Windows 10 startup process your PC will be faster.

The Advantages of Windows 8

Microsoft's latest operating system is Microsoft's Windows 8 officially Released On October 26, 2012. The release of Windows 8, was warmly welcomed by the application developer (the developer.) For believing an impact both in terms of development and business.

Display Windows 8 More Dynamic.Such as tablets and smartphones, computers that use operating system Windows 8 also comes with a notification feature and also current information, the account on the Internet. Examples email inbox. In addition, users Windows 8 will automatically connect to the site of his data providers Windows, Skydrive.