Accelerate connections with SmartFren Registry

First: Change In Windows Registry 
 > Click Start> Run> type in regedit  
> Emerging new windows> in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Servic es \ Tcpip \ Parameters  
> Fill in the following registry value: 
 *   DefaultTTL content value 00000040 
 * EnablePMTUBHDetect content value 00000000  
 * EnablePMTUDiscovery content value 00000001  
 * GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize contents value 0005ae4c  
 * SackOpts content value 00000001 
 * Tcp1323Opts content value 00000003 
 * TcpWindowSize value content 0005ae4c  
 * Restart Laptop / Computer. 

Second: Changes to Windows Settings  

First way:  
> Control Panel> icon modem> modem properties 
 > On the General tab, change the maximum speed to 115200 
 > Click on the connection and click port settings > From the Advanced Port Settings dialog box, put a check in the Use FIFO buffers.Then change the Receive Buffer and Transmit Buffer to 14 to 16. Then click OK.  
> Click the Advanced button, check the box next to Use Flow Control.  
> Then select the radio button Hardware. In the Extra Settings section, fill with & C1 & D2E1Q0V1X4% C0 S7 = 55 S11 = 55 S0 = 0.  

Second way:  
> From the Control Panel, click the System icon. 
 > Move to the Device Manager tab. 
 > On the Ports (COM & LPT), select the port used by the modem 
 > Click the Properties button. 
 > Move to the Port Settings tab. 
 > In the Bits per second, with the contents of 921,600  

Open the system.ini file 
 > Open the System.ini file located in C: Windows.  
> In the [386Enh], add COM1Buffer = 16384. Change COM1 with port used by the modem.  

 In the Connection Settings Modem Hp Smart or Smart Smart Connections setting not just use the user and password: 
 > Smart dial up to * 777 But it could also use: 
 > User and password: wap - dial up: 222  
> User and password: cdma - dial up: * 777 # 
 > * 99 # or * 31 * 11111 #

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