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How to Lock Drive Using BitLocker

Sometimes we often lend you a laptop / computer to our friends, so that our friends accidentally delete important data that we have on the drive laptop / computer. Therefore, on this occasion I will share how to lock the drive laptop / computer we use bitlocker contained in windows 7 In this article I try to lock on the flash drive.

The steps are as follows:

Plug the flashdisk on the laptop / computerThen go to control panel and select BitLocker Drive Encryption, and click Turn On BitLocker on the flashdisk drive that you want to lock

Windows Registry

On this occasion I will tell you about what it's actually the windows registry, the functions of the Key to the registry.

Registry is a central database that stores configuration settings on a Microsoft Windows operating system. It could be said that the windows registry is the control center of the windows. Registry function is to regulate how the hardware and software in the computer / laptop can function properly.
The steps go into the windows registry is as follows:

How to Solve Windows 8 Lock Screen Error

At the time I wanted to try to change the look of the Lock Screen in Windows 8, I encountered a problem error and lock screen can not be changed the picture. But I have to get the right solution.
The steps are as follows:

Go to the registry editor by pressing Windows 8 (Win + R)

After the display appears next registry editor go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Desktop \ NameSpaceSee also folder {B4FB3F98-428d-A78A-C1EA-D1F5659CBA93} under NameSpace key. If it exists, click on it and in right-side pane, check the value of (Default). It must be set to Other UsersIf the key does not exist, right-click on NameSpace key and select "New -> Key" option. Now set the new key name to {B4FB3F98-428d-A78A-C1EA-D1F5659CBA93} and in right-side pane change the value of (Default) to Other Users  Then you try to change the look of your Windows 8Lock Screen
Good luck........