The Advantages of Windows 8

The advantages of Windows 8

Microsoft's latest operating system is Microsoft's Windows 8 officially Released On October 26, 2012. The release of Windows 8, was warmly welcomed by the application developer (the developer.) For believing an impact both in terms of development and business.

The advantages of Windows 8

  • Display Windows 8 More Dynamic.
    • Such as tablets and smartphones, computers that use operating system Windows 8 also comes with a notification feature and also current information, the account on the Internet. Examples email inbox. In addition, users Windows 8 will automatically connect to the site of his data providers Windows, Skydrive.
  • Windows 8 has a fresh look to the eye.
    • Windows 8 has a menu design that is compact with a metro design. Access to social networks can be directly carried out at the start screen.
  • Fast boot process.
    • Booting in Windows 8 is faster than previous windows. To boot Windows 8 only takes 8 seconds. In Windows 8 no longer exist flahing BIOS screen.
  • Windows 8 Safer.
    • At boot time in Windows 8 equipped with a secure boot. Secure boot that works with UEFI-based BIOS. Secure boot when booting it serves to protect your PC from malware.
  • Data Search System Windows 8 More Universal.
    • If you are searching for data on Windows 8, the data easier to find. To search for only just type the name of the data displayed at the beginning then instantly appear the options of data terkit.
  • Availability and Ease of Application Support.
    • To get support applications in Windows 8 there are many options and the convenience provided.
  • Windows 8 Suitable for All Software.
    • All the software that can run on Windows 7, also can be run in Windows 8 so that users do not have to upgrade your PC. According to Microsoft, 1 GB RAM and an Intel Atom processor is enough to run Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 is optimized for touch screens.
    • At the previous windows windows 7 is already support for the touch screen, but the design and ease of operation is not optimized. As with the Windows 8, whose design has been optimized for the touch screen when we use in our PC computers will feel like using Windows Phone.
  • Low hardware specifications and can be run on the tablet.
    • Operating Systems Windows 8 supports devices using ARM chip infrastructure. Currently circulating tablets are mostly used ARM chip, so it can memprluas range of Windows 8 in the tablet area.
  • Availability of the Windows Store.
    • Windows Store is an application store windows 8. The store windows are available a wide variety of applications that have been optimized for Windows 8.
  • Support for Near Field Communications (NFC).
    • NFC is a technology used for digital financial transactions. This feature is most likely also included on the tablet using Windows 8
  • Browser Internet Explorer 10.
    • In Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 browser is available better and bring a big change from the first version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 10 browser is very friendly to use good use as well in the Tablet PC.

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