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Causes Damage to Hard Disk Drive Computers / Laptops

- Causes Damage to Hard Disk Drive : Temperatures that are too hot . Hard disk temperatures too high to be difficult to make the process of reading the data . High temperatures can be caused by air circulation inside the cpu is not smooth , prolonged use of computers , or power supply fan is not working .Shocks on the computer . Shocks are hard on the computer can cause physical damage to the hard drive . When in use or while being worked on , the hard drive heads float above the surface of the disk ( platter ) . If such shocks occur , then the head of the hard drive will touch other parts of the hard disk , while the disk is spinning very fast . It is probable that there will be damage to the hard drive .Turning off / shutdown according to procedure . By the time the hard drive is being worked or are still working , then suddenly the power button immediately revoked or a blackout , then the head position will be in any position . This also makes the life of the hard drive could be sh…

How to restore the forgotten password on Windows 8

The steps are as follows:

Put Windows 8 Installation DVD into the last DVDRoom BootClick the Repair On the Menu Choose an Option click Troubleshoot Click Advanced Options Select the Command Prompt Know first drive used windows, by default it will use drive c: \ but here I demonstrated when Windows is installed on drive D: \ Type the following command

How to Hide System Reserved Partition on Windows 8

1. Open the Run command prompt as administrator. 2. Then you type "DISKPART" (without the quotes).
3. Upon entry into the DISKPART, type "LIST VOLUME" to see a list partition on your hard disk.

4. From the picture we can see the system reserved partition is located on the first volume.

How to Create a Task From Email Messages In Outlook 2013

The steps are as follows:1. Make sure the Mail is active. If not, click the message in the navigation bar at the bottom of the Outlook window. Then, click on the message you want to add the task and drag it to the task in the navigation pane.

2. Then set on the settings for the task, then click Save & Close on the Actions tab task.

3.Ketika close the task pane, the active part of your mail. If you move the mouse over the navigation bar, it will display your tasks in a popup window. Click to go to the task of Outlook tasks.

How to Add or change language in Windows 8

The steps are as follows:

1. Go to the search box by pressing WIN + Q at the same time, then type in "Language" in the search box

2. Then select the option "Settings" on the search results and select "Add Language"

3.The new jendel it will appear as shown below, then click "Add Language"

4. Next will come a list of the world's languages, in this case we select "Indonesian" Then click "Add"

5. Then click on "Options"