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How to maximize the memory on the computer

The steps are as follows:
Right click on my computer and then select Properties

Then select the advanced tab and click settings in the performance

How to Order Folders Can Not be Deleted

The steps are as follows:
 Sign in to windows explorer (Win + E) and select tools
 Click on tools and select folder options.

Click the view on the folder option and remove cetang use simple file sharing

Then right-click the folder that you select and click properties and select security and select advance
Furthermore, uncheck inherit from the parent, then remove and ok. If you want to restore it to stay like that and enter enter and check inherit owner, it will be back to normal as before. Good luck

How to Shut Down Automatically In Windows 8

The steps are as follows: Enabling Automatic Shutdown Sign in with a way to run Win + RThen write in the run dialog box as follows "at 12:00 shutdown-s" and click ok. Then automatic computer / laptop you will be able to shutdown by itself.

How To Increase Ram stick Utilizing Laptop

The steps are as follows: Insert the flash is fairly large capacity, to computerRight click on my computer desktop icon> properties Advanced> click settings in the performance menu 

How to eliminate the Evalution Copy WinRar

The steps are as follows :

1 . Open Notepad
2 . Copy the code below and paste it in notepad

RAR registration of data
Unlimited Company License
UID = 85809e6a0fde94d8fa95

Install Mac OS X

In this case I will be installing Mac OS X 10.49

The steps are as follows : Insert the Installation CD Mac Mac OS X Install DVD into the tray , double -click the button Install Mac OS X icon .

Then click Restart . The installation process will then open a window so the computer has finished restarting
Stages of the installation process of Mac OS X. At the first stage is to select the language in the installation guide . Choose U.S. English , because the OS is not / does not provide the option of Indonesian . Then click the Forward button . Then the Welcome window is displayed

How to install the front panel usb

The steps are as follows:

Each pair of wires to the pins that will be linked to the number: 1-3 to the HDD LED cable2-4 To the POWER LED cable 5-7 To RESET SW cable 6-8 To Cable POWER SW