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How to Combine Files Documents In Microsoft Word 2013

I created this article originated from an assignment given to me which is composed of several reports that document all of it must be combined into one document file. For that I share with readers who may not know how to combine multiple files into one file documents in Microsoft Word 2013 document.
The steps are as follows :

Open Microsoft Word 2013Next select the Insert menu tab and select the down arrow icon located on the object and choose Text From File

Error System Fan On Laptop

Sometimes we are often distracted when we're doing work or chores and playing games all of a suddenly we use the laptop turns itself off and the fan is not spinning. The one that makes our laptop suddenly turns itself off sometimes because there is a fan on the system error (908) that occurred on our laptops. This time I will provide a solution that we can take if you experience these problems.

How to Backup and Restore Windows 8 Activation Key Genuine

Sometimes we use windows 8 having problems such as a virus so we had the windows activation before becoming a trial again. For that in this article I will share how to backup and restore activation so that windows 8 we did not trial again.

The steps are as follows:

Backup activation windows 8:Setting all hidden files to be seen by way of the Control Panel >> Folder Options >> View >> Select Show hidden files items, folders, and drives >> Apply >> OK.Then go to drive C: \ Windows | System32 \ spp Store will display a folder and then copy that folder on another drive.

How to Overcome Internet Download Manager (IDM) Fake Serial Number

Sometimes we often encounter problems when downloading a file. One of them is a fake serial number contained in the IDM that sometimes makes us a little annoyed that we file downloads to fail. At this time I will help you overcome the problem of fake serial number in IDM.
The steps are as follows:

1.  Advance Uninstall your IDM

2. Upon completion in uninstall go into regedit menu by clicking Start -> Run -> type "regedit" -> click OK

3. Then looking at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Internet Download Manager.

4. Then delete the folder of Internet Download Manager.

How Storage Password In Browser

Sometimes we often forget the name with a password . We often use passwords to log into an account that we have and if we forgot our own password then we have the account can not be used. For that I will give way to store passwords in the browser . Start of storing , viewing and also remove the password on the browser we use like google chrome and mozilla firefox .

Google Chrome

1. How to store passwords in Google Chrome

To store passwords in Google Chrome , you need to do is log into websites that require a password to log into the website . Suppose you enter in your email when you click enter it will display a dialog box and click " Save Password " then your password will be stored .

2. How to view password on Google Chrome
To see the stored passwords in Google Chrome do is click the "Customize and control Google Chrome " then select and click on " Settings " . Once the settings page appears , click " Show advanced settings ... " . In the "…